Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Proud Mother

I'm so proud of my son. Awhile ago he stepped on his laptop getting out of bed and totally destroyed it. (NO, that's not the reason I'm proud of him, he's a senior in college for cripes sake) No, the reason I'm proud of him was yesterday when I called him to find out when he was going to start the journey home, he told me he would be leaving as soon as he dropped his laptop off at the recycling center.
This is just a reminder, please don't just discard electronics, they contain many toxic substances and should be recycled.
Where can I recycle electronics?

Monday, May 19, 2008


We have a store out here that I believe may be truly unique. It's called Leftovers and it's all about recycling for craft projects. It's mainly set up for teachers and scout leaders to get recycled supplies for craft projects but it is also open to the public. You can take in all kinds of "leftovers" like egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, leftover yarn and other craft supplies and on and on and on. You can also buy things by the bagful. (Teachers can get it free) They also have activities and classes for kids and adults. It's a wonderful place, I collect bags of things to take there and buy a lot of fabric and yarn for my charity projects there. If you live anywhere near St. Charles MO you need to check it out and if not maybe you or someone can start something similar where you live.

Visit Leftovers Etc.

Have You Changed Your Driving Habits?

I know I have, even though I was never a speed demon, I've still slowed down. I would generally go about 5 miles over the speed limit, now I drive about 5 miles under. It does make a difference and quite frankly it hasn't made that much of a difference in how long I take to get places. I also plan my trips more and have only gone certain places if I have someplace else to go in that direction. let me know how your driving habits have changed and your ideas to save gas.

Swiffer Covers

One of the things that has really bothered me is the explosion of disposible cleaning products. I came across these patterns to knit and crochet washable swiffer covers. You can make a few of them and just rinse them out or throw them in the wash when they're dirty!

Knit pattern

Crochet Pattern


For those who read my other blogs, I decided to start this one because I wanted a different focus. My main blog is about crafting for charity and you will find the link over on the sidebar. This one will also involve crafts but they will focus on reducing, reusing and recycling. However, it will be more than crafts. It will be about all kinds of ways we can help the environment and go green.