Saturday, November 28, 2009

Really Cute Fabric Filled Vases

Heres a great way to use up all those really small pieces of fabric you thought couldn't be used. Check out the tutorial at Craftaholics Anonymous

Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Ideas for Reusing Wrapping Paper

Every Christmas I can remember after all the presents have been unwrapped there were piles of wrapping paper that got stuffed into trash bags and taken out. Although I now use a lot of reusable boxes and bags there are still things that get wrapped in paper. So I have decided thois year that instead of stuffing all those wrappings into a trash bag and adding to the landfills I'm going to try some of the crafts at the following links.

How Recycled Wrapping Paper Crafts Work

How to Make Recycled Wrapping Paper Bows

Recycle Cards and Wrapping Paper

Summer Crafts - Recycling Craft - Decoupage Fun with Wrapping Paper