Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Compostable

I have a compost pile in my backyard and it is a wonderful thing! Not only does it cut down on the stuff that goes to the landfill but it makes wonderful food for my garden so it can make wonderful food for my table.

The other day at the farmers market I bought a cup of coffee at my favorite booth (of course the one who sells coffee would be my favorite) and just happened to notice that not only the cup (which I knew) was compostable but the lid was, too! This led me to investigate what else may go into the compost pile that I hadn't thought of.

I'm going to make a long list here and add to it if I find other stuff that will compost. This will be in addition to the kitchen and garden waste most people already know about. I'll also include a few links on articles about composting at the end. Just remember meat, dairy and bodily waste of carnivores are all no nos they stink and attract pests as well as having the potential of causing illness.

Cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls. These not only compost but they keep the pile aerated.

Paper can be added, just remember to crumple it. I usually go for small stuff like receipts and junk mail. Whole newspapers need to go in the recycling bin. Unless you're composting on a very large basis. The daily newspaper can quickly take over the bin.

Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags are great for the compost pile (I think this is my main source of compost)

Dryer lint, the dust from the vacuum cleaner bag, and the sweepings from the floor can all be tossed in the pile, too.

Wood ashes.

Got a long haired cat or dog? Losing your hair? the hair from the brushes can be thrown in the pile.

I kill houseplants on a semi regular basis, good thing they and their soil can be thrown into the compost.

Natural fiber fabric such as cotton, wool and silk can be added. This is great for me since I do a lot of sewing, all those scraps that are too small to do anything with can be added to my compost as long as they're 100% cotton or silk. (I don't work with wool much).

Have a small animal such as a hamster or gerbil? The used bedding is great for the compost pile.

As my friend Helena just pointed out in her comment, used Kleenex can be thrown in there. Also used paper towels unless they wiped up greasy stuff can be added, too.

EPA site on composting

If you have anything to add, or have a question please leave a comment.


Helena O'Reilly said...

I LOVE my compost bin(s) and pile! I hardly ever feel guilty about left-overs or food items that spoiled before I could eat them all - they all go into making the Black Gold for my garden! It makes wasted food into a Virtue! You can also throw used Kleenex (tm) tissues in there - a big deal since my family goes through many, many of these.

Darcy Bowler said...

<3 from Etsy! Thanks for the advice. We are just starting our first compost heap. Good to know about natural fiber fabric scraps as I do a lot of sewing as well.