Monday, February 16, 2015

Updating, It's Been Awhile

So much has happened since my last post, I even had to close my Etsy shops for awhile. I've changed jobs and moved. Of course, I only moved next door but everything still had to be packed up and carried over. The worst part was moving my compost pile. I didn't know I was moving until after Christmas so it was full of finished compost waiting for spring planting. It was a great opportunity to move to a larger space and I couldn't pass it up.
I have reopened two of my Etsy shops even though I don't have everything in there. I haven't found all the boxes yet but it also gave me a chance to do inventory. I'm closing my pattern shop permanently, it was a decision I had already made before I decided t move. It was just too time consuming for what I got out of it. I'm still going to be selling patterns in my Deb's Crafts shop, but only ones I consider special, such as vintage, wedding dresses or crafts.

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