Sunday, August 17, 2008

OK, I'm Stuck for Ideas

I've used a bunch of T-shirts for cat beds and T-shirt yarn and, since I cut the T-shirts right under the armholes for both of these, I have a bunch of tops left over. Does anyone have any great ideas to make something out of these??? I'd be happy to give anyone who comes up with a useable idea one of my green bags! Just leave a comment with your idea and email me at debsstuff55 (at) yahoo (dot) com with your address.
I'm getting good ideas but no one seems to want my green bags. Please send your name and address if you've left a comment.


Jennifer said...

How about using the neck ribbing for baby bibs or adult bibs made with towels that slip over the head. The rest of the T-shirt just cut up and stuff into your cat beds.

Wendy said...

I like the idea of the baby bib for the neck ribbing. How about using the rest for locker hooking?

Knitting Rose said...

You can sew up the neck, arm holes & bottom - fill with rice and use as microwavable heating pads. We do this with our old t-shirts (I use the bottoms of them for rags). They fit across the back of your neck and shoulders and hold the heat well.

Turtle said...

aside from stuffing them and making pillows or quilts...i am at a loss!

Anonymous said...

I know you wouldn't be able to make strips the same way you make t-shirt yarn, but could you make smaller strips and crochet them into mini-rugs? aka hot pads?
Otherwise one of my favorite sites to check out is - just search for fabric scraps and get lots of ideas!

Knitmomma said...

Well, you could have used all but the top of the last one as stuffing for the cat bed, couldn't you?

Otherwise I like the heating pad idea.

Sandie said...

I would actually cut this up and use it for polishing rags or to clean windows. T- shirts are great as they don't leave lint. I guess that's not what you meant though. :-) Is there enough left to maybe make a little dress? You might have to take it in a little to fit the child in question. I don't sew so that might be a terrible idea but it's the first I thought of when I saw this.

Mary Mary So Contrary said...

I was just looking through tipnut and today they have a pattern listed for a thumb pincushion - would be great for people who sew - and a good way to use some of those fabric scraps

Marilynart said...

I have slipped this sort of thing over a coat hanger to secure dresses with spaghetti straps. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I would really like a green bag - but I don't want to put my address out there for all the world to see forever and forever.

My suggestion is to change the way you are making your t-shirt yarn.

Start cutting (to make yarn) at the bottom of the shirt. Cut in a spiral of a half inch wide (or whatever the width of your previous yarn) from the bottom up.
You will end up with one strip - from one seamless t-shirt. (Or even from a shirt with seams, if you just cut across the seam and keep going.)

To join yarns from different shirts, cut a short (lengthwise) slit at each end of both of the strips. Slip one end of the second strip through the slit in the first strip - but not very far past the slit of the second strip.
You are going to take the other end of that second strip and slip it through the slit at the beginning of the second strip.
Then pull it relatively tight.

This method will allow you to use the upper section of the t-shirts: by cutting a spiral in each sleeve, starting at the bottom edge of the sleeve.
And you will be able to use the short sections from the upper front and back of the t-shirt.

Because it doesn't matter how long or short the strips are when they are linked into one piece.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
P.S. If my explanation doesn't make sense - especially the paragraph about how to link the strips. Re-read it very, very slowly, a few words at a time while performing the actions at the same time.

DebsCrafts said...

My method of cutting the t-shirt yarn does make one long strip, please read through the directions again. I don't expect anyone to put their address in a comment, that's why I gave my yahoo email address. Please email me there and I will send you a bag.