Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scraps and a T-shirt Make a Cat Bed

One of my readers sent in an idea for making pet beds from pillowcases and fabric and yarn scraps. Since I didn't have any old pillowcases sitting around but did have some old T-shirts, I decided to use that instead. It also works well since you can use a hanger and hang it up in a convenient place. The first step is to sew the bottom of the shirt closed. Hang it up and start collecting scraps of fabric and yarn. When it is about halfway up to the underarms, cut right below the sleeves, turn the edges under and sew closed. That's it, you now have a bed pillow for your cat or small dog.

Here's my baby Sammi enjoying her new bed. I made one for each of my cats and will be making more for my daughter's cats and my sons' cats. After that I'll start making them to give to animal shelters.
Someone asked me how they washed since shelters wash the bedding frequently so I threw them in the wash and they went through just fine. came out all fluffy.


Gallery Juana said...

Great idea for a washable cat bed!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a place to dump - I mean store - your scraps as they accumulate.