Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time for My Birthday Contest!

Last year I ran a contest all through the month of August for people to guess which day in August was my birthday. Since the answer is right out there for all to see now I can't exactly do that again.

So I was thinking about doing something a little different this time.
Gift Tie-Ons from Deb Upcycles

The prize will once again be a $20 gift certificate to any of my Etsy shops. I have three, Deb's Crafts for fabric and other sewing and craft supplies, Deb's Patterns for sewing patterns and craft books and of course Deb Upcycles for my handmade, upcycled crafts. If I get over 58 people entering (not 58 entries because there will be multiple ways to enter, but 58 different people) I will give away another $10 gift certificate.

Ways to enter will be changing through the month so keep coming back to see what you can do next for more entries:

Leave a separate comment in the comment section for each entry.

1 entry: Why 58 you say? I think it's pretty easy to figure out, so why don't we make that the first way to enter, just comment on the blog and tell me why 58. Just one "guess" per person.

5 entries: Blog about the contest of course!

1 entry per day:  Tweet about this contest: One tweet per day per person unless I change this, use #debupcycles.

Up to 3 entries:  Pin any item from Deb Upcycles to your Pinterest boards, leave the link to the pin in the comments.

2 Entries for the sewers (and even if you don't sew) What pattern from Deb's Patterns would you like to make for someone and who? Post the link to the pattern in comments.

Horatio the blind kitty may help me pick the winner, but then I might use a random number generator. I'm not sure yet.

Contest ends August 31, 2013 at midnight Central Time.


Beri Wheeler said...

58 entries because you're about to be a beautiful 58 year old woman!

Cindy Humphrey said...

I'll also go with the 58 representing your age.

Pinterest Pins:

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm going to agree with 58 being your age!


Luvbuzz Handmade said...

I'm guessing 58 people because you are turning 58 :)

and some pins for you as well...

Kathy Read said...

58 years old

Britney said...
here's my pin of a fave piece from one of your shops!

Rinnovato said...

58 years young?....or maybe you were born in 1958??

Happy Birthday Deb!....tons of birthdays in August in my family, too!

Great contest!...Here are some Pins for you:

Best Wishes! - M ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb...I'm going to go with the 58th Bday guess too :) Congrats


Anonymous said...

Hi Deb...trying this again. I'm with the 58thBday or born in 1958 crowd :)


Kippy SoMature said...

58 represents...your age

Kippy SoMature said...

from your sewing patterns, I would like to make this jacket and skirt, a great outfit together, and lovely separates to have, to dress up or down