Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Upcycled Pet Beds - Brand New Etsy Shop - Dizzypets

 Look what I found when I was cruising around Etsy today! Pet beds made from sweaters! Now there is some serious upcycling. They're all different of course, this is one of the great things about upcycling.
 This is a brand new Etsy shop called DizzyPets, she only opened three days ago so she doesn't have a whole lot in there yet but I think she's going to do well.

The beds are made out of old but carefully selected sweaters and stuffed with poly-fil.
 Fuuko could probably use one, since she's taken to sleeping in the one place I really don't want her to be.
But Horatio is the one really having problems. He seems to have outgrown his bed. You think he would like one?

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