Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday's Finds: Upcycled Glass!

Sure glass bottles are recyclable and some other types of glass are as well, but some, like mirrors are not. Whether it is or not why upcycling works even better. Here are some awesome finds on Etsy of upcycled glass!

This beautiful Chrysanthemum drinking glass started out as a wine bottle! Summer  of PNGDesigns and her family hand cut and etch these beautiful glasses. Check out her shop to see the other wonderful designs. love this little wind chime/suncatcher! Made from a vintage cup and glass chimes it would go perfect in my kitchen window! You can find this and other items made from vintage glass at Heritage Dishes on Etsy.
Seven years bad luck? Not if you recycle the pieces. This wonderful whale made from broken mirror mosaics would look wonderful on your wall. Green and aqua whales can also be found at Salvaged Surf Designs on Etsy! Not only is this twine dispenser useful, it's quite pretty as well! It wouldn't look out of place on a kitchen counter or a windowsill. You can find it on Treater Creek on Etsy along with lots of natural and nature inspired gift ideas!

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