Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yikes!! My Craft Room!

The other day I came home for lunch and as I was looking through the freezer (it's got a good Energy Star rating and I keep it full) I heard the sound of water dripping. At first I couldn't find the source of it, then I noticed a bubble in my ceiling with water dripping down. That's where the Yikes! comes in.

It was dripping on the floor of the craft room so at first I thought my fabric was safe. I live on the first floor of a two family flat and my upstairs neighbors weren't home so all the knocking on the door I was doing wasn't accomplishing anything. I called my landlord and he said he's come right over (Bless you, Sean).

While I was waiting for him I was decided to check on the bags and boxes around the leak. I discovered that not only the ceiling was leaking but I had water coming through the walls and window casing. I ended up throwing out several bags of scraps that were not only wet but stunk! They just didn't seem worth trying to save.

My landlord was able to access the upstairs apartment and at first couldn't figure out where all the water was coming from. Then he realized that my neighbors had a window AC in the window where all the damage was coming from. Further investigation showed that the drain was clogged and the water was going into the window well and draining down into my apartment. He fixed the problem and then opened up all the bubbles where the water was in my ceiling and walls and that's where we are right now. It looks horrible but they he's going to let it dry out for a week or two and then repaint it.

Meanwhile, my craft room is a mess from having to pull everything away from the wall and the area where it was dripping. Oh well, I have the day off and my project for the day, I guess.

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Alice Roche said...

The kids who used to live upstairs from us left the water in the bathroom on several times, and we got flooded! It was NOT fun!