Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Pajamas to Pillows and More

I have a day off today with nothing to do except go out to dinner with some friends for my birthday tonight. That doesn't happen often, the nothing to do that is. The birthday happens only once a year.

We just had a Goodwill outlet open near us. If you didn't know, this is the place they sell all the stuff they don't think is good enough to sell at the regular thrift stores. I love the place but have to drag the college boy (24 year old son) with me because the walk from the nearest bus stop to it, isn't in the nicest neighborhood.

I found a pair of Christmas pajamas there the last time I went. Really nice fabric and just knew I could do something with them. After stretching them out on the bed and studying them I decided the top would make a great pillow and I could make gift bags out of the arms and legs. I've already sold the bags but will be posting more soon. The pillow is available in my Deb Upcycles Etsy shop.

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Hee103 said...

The pillow case is cute!!!
Great for this coming winter:)
I am a new follower(^.^)