Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blue Jeans Bags

Several of the contest entries talk about turning jeans into handbags or totes. Rather than pick and choose I'm going to post all of them so you can decide how you would like to do yours:
Karen O. says: "I cut the legs off just below the butt. I left enough of the legs to turn the edges under twice to keep the edges from fraying and sewed them shut. From the legs I cut off, I made two long handles so I could sling the bag over my shoulder. I used a length of cotton rope as a "belt" to tie the bag shut."
Turtle says: "Took an old pair of jeans (smile, they were too big for me!) and cut them so that the top area with pockets etc would be the inside sides of the bag. Then with some funky heavy duty fabric i made the outer lining and used the jeans to also make the strap. I used a heavy cardboard for the bottom with more of each fabric to cover it."
Deborah M says: "I cut the pockets out leaving 1 inch of fabric from the jeans still attached to the pockets around 3 sides. The part of the jeans that is on the inside of the pocket is cut out very close to the seams of the pocket. Then I take a long, wide strip from the pant leg to make the handle and base of the purse. I fold the strip in half and with fabric glue I glue the strap to the excess fabric of the pocket starting at the top of one side of a pocket all the way around leaving a good amount for the handle and then around to where I started...I attach the beginning and the end and then I do the other side making sure the pockets are even with each other and there you have it...a denim pocket purse."
ronsmysharona says: "Of course we use the old 60's trick of turning our favorite pair of worn out jeans into purses, but what to do with the legs? They make GREAT all-purpose bags for camping gear. My partner calls them 'ditty bags' and uses them for just about anything he wants to keep together but still portable. Just cut pant legs the length you want, sew the bottom, and put a drawstring casing around the top, put in drawstring and you're done! If you lost or tore your tent bag, cut the pant leg a little longer and it makes a great tent bag."

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Kathie said...

Love blue jean bags. They are fun to make and are so durable.
Blessings from Costa Rica