Monday, July 7, 2008

How Green Was My Week

Well, to start with, I've saved a lot of gas by not going to work since I broke my wrist but I don't think that counts. Before that happened I wasn't doing that well with driving slower, my speed kept creeping up on me when I was driving longer distances. I had a really busy week workwise and I think it affected my driving.

I replaced another lightbulb with a compact flourescent, I should just break down and buy enough to replace them all, but I've just been replacing them as they burn out. These are the bulbs the apartment came with and I hate throwing them away while they're still good.

I did make the tutorial on turning a shirt into a bag. I'm hoping that will get others thinking about how they can recycle instead of throw away. Actually, I'm hoping this whole blog can inspire many more people and get them going green too, that may be my biggest contribution this week.


Anonymous said...

you are so creative! i "met" you via the crafts for a cause yahoo group - i really enjoy your blogs! Hope your wrist is healing - get lots of calcium.

Mary Kay

Zipperhead said...

I would like to make a 'plarn' market bag out of leftover plastic bags remaining in the house (we now use the bags I crochet out of cotton). I only leave the house once a week (I can't drive LOL), use homemade bags at the market, have my thermostat set 3 degrees different to use less electricity, have fluorescent lighting throughout the house (including motion detectors so lights aren't on all night), tear apart packages to get off every recyclable part, and only do laundry with completely full loads and detergent free of dyes and scents. We can all make a difference!

Neil & Mylin Scovel said...

Love the current bag. It is a fantastic way to recycle those worn out clothes. I cut down a dress that i had worn for years, for my neice. She loved it, and i still got to see the dress from time to time. LOL It was one of my favorites.:D Oh, did you know that you need to have working light bulbs when you vacate an apartment. You might think of packing those cheapy bulbs up just for when you move. Unless you really wanna help the apartment complex go green ;). lol Good luck, and if it really starts to itch bad, what ever you do Plz don't use anything with sharp edges. Try using some cornstarch. :D