Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Win my Knitting (Crocheting) Bag

I love having the contests, I especially like reading all the entries. Since I'm going to be home for awhile with my broken wrist I wanted to have another one but I am unable to sew or crochet anything. I was going to keep this knitting bag I made out of a shirt (instructions here) but decided to offer it as a prize. (yarn and needles not included)
All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me about how you made or would like to make something out of something else. Like I made a knitting bag out of a shirt. The contest will end July 31st.
I have not heard from my last contest winner, Margaret if you are reading this, please email your address to debsstuff55 at yahoo dot com.


Sharon said...

OK, I'll be first! I have a pattern that makes grocery bags out of, well, grocery bags! It's the ultimate in recycling, don't you think?

Oh, and if you'd like the pattern, let me know. There's an email link on my blog:

A Musician by Grace

Crochet said...

love the craft bag!!!!
I'm sorting my craft room now and need more craft bags!!!!
We use the new engery saver light bulbs too!
good luck healing your wrist!!!!
thanks again for these contests!!!!
bye for now, MaryLynn

Susan said...

I volunteer at our base thrift shop once a week during the school year. I had found a quilt pattern in a magazine (that I've misplaced of course) using old jeans and green batiks. What a wonderful thing for my teen son! :) The thrift shop has a monthly bag sale: Fill up the paper bag with donated items for $5 a bag. There are some other ladies who make purses with old jeans. I just want them for a patch quilt :)

HOpe your wrist heals quickly! It stinks to be down any time, but especially when the weather is so nice. I live in North Dakota, so I especially like my month or so of warm weather. :D

Karen O'Grady said...

A few years back I had a pair of jeans I no longer fit in. I made a big bag out of them. I cut the legs off just below the butt. I left enough of the legs to turn the edges under twice to keep the edges from fraying and sewed them shut. From the legs I cut off, I made two long handles so I could sling the bag over my shoulder. I used a length of cotton rope as a "belt" to tie the bag shut.
My daughter and several others loved it so much that I used to frequent thrift stores to pick up pants with interesting details on the top to make into bags to give away. Some bags had shorter handles to use as tote bags. I never added a zipper, but I suppose if you are not zipperphobic like me you could!

Turtle said...

Be careful with your wrist, it always sucks to be out of commission! That is a fantastic bag! Last summer i made myself a knitting bag. Took an old pair of jeans (smile, they were too big for me!) and cut them so that the top area with pockets etc would be the inside sides of the bag. Then with some funky heavy duty fabric i made the outer lining and used hte jeans to also make the strap. I used a heavy cardboard for the bottom with more of each fabric to cover it. It was working well till my mother in law saw it and had to have it for her crochet, so it was donated over to her. I haven't yet replaced it, the shirt idea is cute though! Sadly, has anyone else noticed their goodwill's prices have gone up seriously in the past 6 months? It is difficult to go get items to recycle from there any longer. heal well!!

ohmyboys said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist. Take care of yourself, give yourself time to heal & don't rush it (I know easier said than done!). I have been collecting my husband and sons old jeans and t-shirts as I want to make a jean quilt and a t-shirt quilt. But haven't gotten around to putting them together! Some day soon!

Becky said...

I love your bags, they are so pretty. I like to turn shirts with unicorns into pillows or banners. thaks for giving me a chance to recieve one of your great bags


Anonymous said...

I recently tried my first foray into recycling yarn. I was so excited to find a non-serged sweater, I didn't stop to think that a sweater in stripes would mean that you'd only get a couple of rows before the color would end! My husband says the dozen or so little balls would make perfect cat toys! :)

Mary, said...

After reading about your great shirt bag, I thought of a very simple go-green market bag: old tank tops (not the spaghetti strap kind). Simply sew the bottom closed. The straps become the handles. I have some that are too short for today's styles, and thought they would work great - especially for small items or drug store purchases.

knitalittle said...

When jeans get a whole in the knee and cannot be repaired I make cut offs and save the leg part. When one of the kids school pants look thin at the knees I sew on a patch from the cut off. I use really bright thread for my daughter and black for my sons. They are happy and jeans last longer. We have also changed most of our light bulbs to engery saves what a saving love them too. Thanks for the contest and hope your wrist heals quickly :)

Bobbi C said...

Great job on your shirt bag--I love all the colors!! I will have to try making one sometime!!
I love making bags from the plastic grocery bags, small trash bags and also nylon cord. Its great to recycle!!
I am also a member of FreeCycle and love it!! I have also gotten different craft items and given items away, instead of sending them to the landfills!!

Bobbi C

trek said...

It's a cute way to re-use a shirt that just isn't worth wearing or donating to a thrift shop. And every size is possible from tiny sock project bags (kid/baby clothes) all the way up to really big sweater sized ones (daddy shirts).

Anonymous said...

I am new to this, so I hope I do it right, lol.
I am in the process of trying to make a quilt top out of my decesed husbands clothes. I saw this on a show once and thought it was a great way to preserve memories.

Jennifer said...

Wow great use of fabric. Hope your wrist heals quickly. I've been doing like you, replacing the bulbs as they die with the new ones.

Kathy said...

The bag is great! I haven't taken the time to recycle clothing and other items into crafts yet but I hope to soon. I have seen a baby clothes quilt that I would like to try my hand at. Someone in a group I belong to asked if somoeone would make one like a pic she had & she sent the picture and such to the group. It would take a while to do but it looks awesome. Each square of the quilt has a different baby clothing item.

Tracie said...

So sorry about your wrist!

An upcoming project we're going to do here is to take all my boyfriend's old running shirts (from races and such that he was in) and cut them into huge squares (to get the graphic on the front) and then sew them together, slap a backing on it, and call it a quilt! The backing may just be an old sheet, too. Depends on what we can find and what matches.

Deb said...

This is such a great idea! I might just make one.

Anonymous said...

Just last night and today I needed more magazine holders for storage so I cut up cereal boxes. It's not an original idea but it's what I've done recently.


Jenny W in Columbia said...

I like to make things out of old jeans. Bags, shorts, skirts, patches and what-not. Denim is a great sturdy fabric and can be embellished with most anything from beads to leather to flowers and embroidery. Thank you so much for hosting this contest!

Deborah Milne said...

I just love that bag you made from a shirt and, of course, I'd love to win it.
I use my husband's old jeans to make purses. I cut the pockets out leaving 1 inch of fabric from the jeans still attached to the pockets around 3 sides. The part of the jeans that is on the inside of the pocket is cut out very close to the seams of the pocket. Then I take a long, wide strip from the pant leg to make the handle and base of the purse. I fold the strip in half and with fabric glue I glue the strap to the excess fabric of the pocket starting at the top of one side of a pocket all the way around leaving a good amount for the handle and then around to where I started...I attach the beginning and the end and then I do the other side making sure the pockets are even with each other and there you have it...a denim pocket purse. I hope that makes sense.
Deborah Milne

T. Whitesell said...

I am in the process of taking an old sheet and turning it into several market bags. I have on already cut out but not sewn yet.

Love your contests!


The Purloined Letter said...

I've felted thrift-store sweaters then cut them up and sewn them into hot-water-bottle cozies. Right now I have a sweater waiting to become tea cozies! Lots of fun and really lovely in the winter.

Sylvia K said...

I like the idea of making something from other items rather than toss them in the landfill.I'm trying to make a purse from an old pair of jeans. the instructions were a little vague so taking a bit of time. I'm both a knitter and crocheter so would love your bag. Keep up the good work and heal quickly.
sylvia Keefe

Katie said...

Hi Deb, I am sorry to hear about your wrist hon. I will pray for you!!! About 10 yrs ago I took my wedding gown and made squares out of it and made 3 sml quilts for my 3 kids. They came out very nice. I thought it was better to use it than keep it in my closet. It made some nice keepsakes for my kids. Huggggs, Katie

Jennifer said...

I have been thinking of tearing up all my daughter's old clothes and making a cute flower or star rug for her room. I wonder how much of a pain that might be? I know it would be worth it though. Thanks for making me think of another way to go green!

suzyq said...

What a great way to use up old shirts, will have to try that one. I have another one I am going to try, it seems I'm obsessed with bags,lol. You take an old pair of childrens overalls, cut the legs off, sew up the bottom and voila you have a bag/purse whatever you choose to call it. Hope the wrist heals fast and all is well.

Ally(crochet-addict on Crochetville) said...

My husband is always saying he has too many shirts so I plan on turning them into shopping bags by sewing the bottoms closed and cutting a bigger opening at the neck. We have way too many plastic bags from walmart mostly(I cant throw them away!) I am planning on turning them into "yarn" and crocheting bowls, bags and rugs and giving them away to friends and family.

Hope your wrist heals quick! =)

teakaycee said...

well... first... Get Well Soon!
Second... GREAT Bag!!!
and last.... I'll share my latest recycle idea with you...
Tank top to a Tote bag.

hugs ... love ... and blessings to you.

Kelle said...

That is a really neat idea! Now I know why I've been saving my Mr's old shirts ;D, and my old jeans!

I hope your wrist heals and that you feel better.

I have been saving all of our plastic grocery bags and hope to make some plarn and turn it into a rug / door mat.

Thanks for the contest opportunity!

Bev.Evanger said...

When sewing or have left over small bits of yarn, I throw them in a pillowcase. Fill half way, then sew up the hole. Instant pet bed. I make and donate to Humane Society, AND just made a bunch up for the Veternarians office, for animals to lie on softly after having surgery etc.

Anonymous said...

Your bag would be a great bag to store the hats and caps that I make for the Cancer Society. I could have a just one special place for all the projects that go to the Cancer Society. Thanks again for your generous offer.

Lona Smith said...

Wow. We do alot more green around home than we used to. This year, we converted to an electric lawn mower and weed eater. We are shopping for an old style reel mower, so as to go human powered. We use paper grocery bags if we don't have enough of our own. These can at least be composted. If done properly, they also make really cool wallpaper.

My current "green" projects at home include sewing quilted window covers for winter use, as well as making purses and area rugs for my girls out of their old jeans. We cloth diaper our grandson, and "recycle" his used dipes by passing them along to Grandma Jacquie's Diaper Barn when he outgrows them. They are then cleaned, mended if needed and sterilized. Then they are shipped to a mamma who wants to cloth diaper and cannot afford to get started. It's a great program and I am proud to support it.

I also crochet soakers and other items, which means less plastic use for covers.

Our current "green" project is to go pick up our Edenpure heater this weekend. WOOHOO!! Safe heating source all winter long for less than $10 a month!!!! I can't wait!!!

ronsmysharona said...

Of course we use the old 60's trick of turning our favorite pair of worn out jeans into purses, but what to do with the legs? They make GREAT all-purpose bags for camping gear. My partner calls them 'ditty bags' and uses them for just about anything he wants to keep together but still portable. Just cut pant legs the length you want, sew the bottom, and put a drawstring casing around the top, put in drawstring and you're done! If you lost or tore your tent bag, cut the pant leg a little longer and it makes a great tent bag. I also cut up old tshirts to use for crocheted rag rugs. Deb, that is an awesome bag you made--love the colors.

Kenyetta said...

I love the bag. I have made skirts out of jeans and I plan to make the tote out of the plastic bags.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What a neat idea while you are recovering. I just learned to unravel sweaters and I am also a new mom... I have a striped cotton maternity sweater that was great to wear while pregnant in the early spring in WA State, but would be terrible to wear NOT pregnant! Soon I will unravel it and crochet a granny-square poncho that I can discretely feed my 4 week old son under. He will love the colors and I will love having a poncho that won't fall off while feeding in public. Thanks! Jennifer from Sumner, WA
jenzjannai at yahoo dot com

MisMorgana said...

this is such a cool bag, need to try and find time to make one

dctangles said...

I made a nice tote bag from discontinued upholstery samples with old ties for the straps.

Fawn said...

Oh my, that is a hard one.

I try to recycle as much as I possibley can.

I take lint from the dryer and old candles and cardboard egg cartons and make fire starters out of them.

You melt the candles, add some lint to the cups in the egg carton and then pour the hot melted wax over the lint.

Make sure you have old newspaper underneath the carton or an old rag that would be trashed to prevent the wax getting on the work top.

Let them harden and break each egg cup apart and viola, easy fire starters.

Usually there is enough lint and wax to partially fill the top side of the carton a little bit and that can be used on the rainy days when a fire is normally hard to light. Campfires that is.

Be careful though, there is drought conditions through out many areas of the country and world. Do not use the fire starters if there are bans on campfires in your area, and do not use them unless there is a well defined fire pit away from anything combustable.

These will work in fireplaces also.

I enjoy recycling anything I can.

I reuse old sweaters, clothes that are beyond wearing, plastic bottles and save containers galore.

I am at the beginnings of learning how to make beads out of old magazines and paper and cloth.

I love the fact that you offer patterns and contests to encourage recycling.

If I may, I may link your blog to my blog. Because recycling anything helps save a bit of the planet. So the more people that can learn how easy it is and how cool it is and the results of recycling (beyond the soda cans and bottles), then the more that gets recycled.

Kristen said...

I have some sweaters that my exboyfriend gave to me, and they are very cute but I feel so bad when I look at them that they're in the back of my closet on the floor. I'd like to find a way to use them for something so that they don't remind me of him any more.

Jenny M said...

I have always wanted to make one of those jeans seat bags (using the seat of the pants, make a purse that has the pockets on the front). I've also got an old wool sweater that I've been trying to felt to make into a small projects bag, but I haven't had luck felting. It's 100% wool and hand wash only, but several trips through the machine with soap and hot water have led to nothing! Ah well.

Aunt Kathy said...

That's a great idea for a bag. I think I will definitely try that. I too have been making yarn balls out of plastic bags but haven't crocheted them into anything yet. But it's on my list.

I am heading over to my blog to make a link over here to your contest.

I love contests too, and am having one as well, it runs until August 31st with a prize winner every week. Feel free to come over and play.

Anne~ %(*_*)%QUEENBEE said...

I recycle anything and everything. I drive my SO nuts with the so called clutter as he calls it. I have a couple of books that crochet plastic bags into rugs. Haven't tried that yet. I go "dumpster diving" for "finds". I hit the thrift stores and goodwill for stuff I can recycle, especially if I can use it for my charity work. I recycle jars, coffee cans, plastic baggies, paper bags, boxes you, name it. I reuse most everything I bring into the house. Being a multi-faceted and multi-talented "artist' I see reuse/recycle in everything. Being left handed maybe its the right side of the brain kicking in. Like they say, Left handed people are in their right mind. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You are the best! i don't know if i will ever have enough time to do everything on your sites!! this one i will try. i love going to second hand stores and getting really funky shirts for material.

Mary Kay

Lizardknits said...

Hope your wrist heals soon! The shirt bag is gorgeous. Thanks for the pattern.
I knit or crochet plastic bags into shopping totes.
I recycle hubby's worn out shirts into linings for my felted bags, which are made from thrift shop sweaters.
I recycle foam peanuts into pet beds by putting them in a zippered pillowcase, and knitting/crocheting a cover for the pillowcases.
When I hem hubby's pants (from a catalog), I turned the leftover pieces of leg into a purse organizer.
I recycle those mesh veggie bags by cutting them into strips and knitting scrubby pads.
My best recycle? I used weed whacker cord (found in a thrift shop) as blocking wire for a lace shawl.

danielle said...

I have all these old jeans that I plan(ned) to make a picnic blanket out of. You know, you even leave the pockets on so that you have some place to put the utensils, or rocks to hold it into place. Still have never gotten around to it....

Esther said...

Wow this contests has got me thinking - where to start!

As I child I lived in 2nd hand clothes. As a result I had some great clothes including some ultra cool cricket sweaters and several of those suede mini skirts that were sooo trendy in the 1970s.
And my mother cut up brightly patterned shirts to hem my trousers when I grew too tall.
She can turn a dress into a suit and then into a pants suit. There is hardly an item in her wardrobe she has not altered.

My children also receive alot of hand me downs and we pass on all our decent cast-offs.

My dad rescued a children's bike from the trash and with new tyres it is perfect for my children. Any timber put in the trash finds it way into his car for shelves and other projects.

I have made a bag from old jeans and used spare bits of denim to cover notebooks. (Leaving the pocket on the front is great for storing pens)
Out of a fitted Chinese style 'silk' dress I made a top and a cushion cover.

At the moment I am turning a wooden pallet for holding artilery shells into a shelf for my vegetable baskets. It is strong to hold the heavy potatoes but has holes, where the shells stood, that will provide great ventillation.

Anonymous said...

I made some wristlets out of a pair of pants and upholstery samples. It was one of my first posts in my blog!
You can see them here:

Anonymous said...
My grandaughter loves the feel of satin stuff right now so I have been taking clothing that has satin in it we no longer where and going to use it to make her a quilt for winter I'm sure she is going to love it Will probly have enough to make both grandaughters a blanket when im done

Vivi said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry about your wrist! That's a complete drag.

When my Dad passed, I grabbed all his ties and I plan to make a bag out of them (I have a pattern laying around here somewhere for that). Only problem is, I have yet to acquire a sewing machine, but at least I have the ties!

Take it easy!

Megan said...

I have a purse knit out of recycled Walmart bags. It is sooo cool. And I don't know if this counts as recycling but... I took my daughters crib bumpers, baby sheets, etc. and turned them into a quilt for her toddler bed.

Katie O said...

I also have bags made from plastic shopping bags... making the "plarn" to knit with is a bit time consuming, but the bags are super SUPER strong!! :)

Jane said...

I'm planning to make market bags out of plastic bags like the ones I made out of crochet cotton on my blog. I'm having a 'going green' contest on my blog too - come on over and enter!

Georgi said...

I like to take old sweaters (the kind that you do not want to recycle the yarn from) and wash them in hot water and dry on high heat, I then make pillows out of them. They are soft and the kids and animals like rolling around on the floor with them. Sometimes I cut the sleeves off and sew them shut and sometimes I leave them on, sew them closed, and stuff them like the rest of the pillows.

sailorcross said...

What a cool bag!! That is just the thing to have to carry around knitting supplies!!

So, here's what I made--I took my father's old suits, cut them into pieces and made a quilt for my son when he was 4 years old. I used one of his crib sheets for the back. He is 27 years old now, and still has this!


mamarara said...

I am in the process of taking all my sons tshirts from different places that we have been or that his father sent him from Iraq and making a quilt out of them. i hope your wrist heals soon.