Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brown Paper Mailers

The question is, what do you do with all those paper bags you acquired before you started using green bags? I can't take credit for this idea, someone sent me some crocheted squares for a charity project I was working on in a mailer like this. I recycle most of the mailers and boxes I receive things in (some can't be "saved") simply be blacking out addresses, tearing off lables and writing the new addresses on the back. Often, I still don't have enough so I decided to make some out of brown paper shopping bags.

First cut down one side and cut off the bottom and spread out.
They're going to be folded in half so decide how big you want your mailer to be. I'm going to be using them to mail out my green bags. It would kind of be wrong to use new mailers to mail these out, don't you think?
Fold them in half, then using a wide zigzag stitch on your sewing machine, sew down the two sides, leaving one side open.
Put your items in the mailer and sew up the last side (be sure you don't sew the items your mailing... LOL). Address and mail!!


trek said...

I've been recycling mailers for years. Cross out or slap a sticker over the old address and relabel.

Very cool - but I'd have to add the caveat of dedicating a needle to paper. Paper dulls sharp stuff, you know.

MOLLY said...

What a great idea .

Turtle said...

i so love this idea! so basic and charming!

Kathie said...

We always save and reuse mailers. They are extremely expensive here, when you can find them. The paper bag idea is great. However, there are no paper bags here. Just tons of plastic.

Deb in CT said...

This is a great idea! I will put that on my list of "to do" projects.