Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recycled Kids Crafts

I haven't had young children in the house for a long time now, but I remember way back when, when mine were young using stuff we had around the house for craft projects. We didn't call it recycling back then but we did call it saving money. I had one cabinet set aside for things like toilet paper and paper towel rolls, egg cartons, paper (especially colored paper) from junk mail that only had printing on one side and on and on. The craft projects we made from them would keep the kids busy for hours. So set aside a place to collect these things and let your kids use their imagination! To get you started, I've included some links for kid's recycled crafts:

Crafts-Recycling and Reusing Materials

Family Corner Recycled Kids Crafts

Recycling Crafts

Recycled Kids Crafts


Turtle said...

i had to smile as we were also of this bit. Not to recycle bur cause we could not afford otherwise. I remember a cross country trip, some glue, crayons and huge packet of paper plates. And the creativity! Loved it! Sadly i think kids today are not used to looking outside of the box as much as we had to. (and snickering at your third winners blog name, love it!) congrats ladies.;

KellyJMe said...

Highlights had a recycle craft booklet some 10 years ago when my kids were younger, I bought one for me and one for their daycare provider.

Now, I'm saving baby food jars for an arts and sciences afterschool program I found through freecycle.