Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Making Cloth Diapers

It's been a long time since I had babies in diapers (my youngest just turned 21), even my grand babies have been out of diapers for some time now, so diapers haven't been on my agenda for awhile. One of my readers however said this in a comment
"I want my children to have a great planet, not have to try to clean up after us. I tried to get some cloth diapers for my son, and so wish I had done my research before I had my children and went with cloth BEFORE now I do not have the finances to even buy material to make him some, and what I do have would not work for diapers."
I used cloth diapers for all three of my babies but it would never have occurred to me to sew my own. That got me thinking, the first thing I thought was "couldn't you buy some flannel sheets at a thrift shop to use" so I did some research and the answer is yes of course you can. You can also use any other flannel from old pajamas to Dad's flannel shirts. The fabric doesn't have to be new or white. You can use old towels and washcloths for the soaker pads, fleece works too and I could go on. You just need to see whats available and try it out. Below are some links to help you get started.
About cost and choices
Materials and Pattern for Prefolds
Links for Free Patterns and More
Tips for Making and Washing


Judith said...

All you say is true and good points. I used cloth with my girls, I didn't make them but I can tell you there were times, I couldn't have afforded to buy cloth even from a thrift store. My question to the mom would be. How much are you spending on paper diapers a week? Use that to buy either meterial or diapers.

Wendy said...

Deb........Thank you so much for the "HINT" I even have some old flannel crib sheets...and never even thought about using old towels and such for the soakers....GUESS what I am going to be doing a little later.....Making diapers....My sister has been buying my son his diapers, and she gets the Cheap WalMart brands...BUT she will be able to use her money for something else...and beings I know how to crochet, and have some wool on hand I can make some soakers, so I can bypass the rubber pants...
Thanks again...and Big HUgs