Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making and Using "Plarn"

Plarn is yarn made from plastic shopping bags. You know the ones, they collect under your sink and in the cabinet and you swear your going to use them for something someday. You can use them for wastebaskets or carry your craft projects around in them but there's really only so many you can use. (Unless your moving and can't find enough boxes, don't laugh I did that once)
Anyway here are some links for making plarn and crocheting with it.
I usually cut mine 1 inch, but otherwise here's how to make it

Making Plarn
Plarn makes great shopping bags that you can take with you to the grocery store. The problem with this is you don't get more bags to make plarn with!
Round Plastic Bag Tote
How about handbags?
Plastic Hobo Handbag
A tote?
Green Tote for Earth Day


Sharon said...

What a great idea! I either recycle, or use my plastic bags to line trash cans, but I just might try the "plarn" idea and make a tote or two!

A Musician by Grace

Kathie said...

Plarn! Didn´t know it had a name. I taught the ladies I work with here in Costa Rica how to cut plarn and crochet many things from them a couple of years ago. The have made mats to clean your feet on, scrubby pads for washing dishes, market bags, and more. We don´t just use shopping bags. Any plastic bag works...bread wrappers for instance are great and they are thicker making the finished product more sturdy.
Blessings from Costa Rica

karen said...

I keep seeing where people throw away the bottom and the handles to the bags they recycle, but I save them and make holiday wreaths from those leftovers.... doesnt anyone else do that ? when you are done making the wreath you can add a little glitter, some trinkets and they look gorgeous..... Karen