Monday, June 9, 2008

Crochet Scrubbie from T-shirt Yarn

These are really easy to make and really work on cleaning those pots and pans!
With a large crochet hook (I used an N but you may have to use a different size depending on how thick your "yarn" is) Ch 6 and join, ch3 and work 15 dc into loop join and end. Work end in.
That's it, told you it was easy!


Sandy said...

Popped over from Bev's when I read something about you crocheting with old Tshirts as a way to recycle them. Most interesting. Not sure I have any in good enough shape to do that. Hubby wears them til there thread bare...even when I try to sneak them into the rag bag, or trash bag, or if reasonable into the Am Vets or Goodwill bag. Somehow...they end up bag in his drawer and or the laundry. He makes me a little nuts!

I'm liking this idea though and might have to give it a try...maybe while he's gone for a week for his convention....shhhhhhh don't tell.

Thanks for posting such an interesting idea. Need to go buy a rotatary cutter.


Wendy said...

I have a hotpad my great grandmother crocheted from knit scraps, maybe t-shirts...probably from the 50's or 60's.